Mattress KING LINE cool memory
Brands: Нани
Product Code: Cool Memory
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    The KING LINE line was created by the product designers of NANI to be dominant among high-class mattresses. The combination of materials has made the product sought after by connoisseurs of good relaxation and sleep.

    HR HIGH ELASTIC FOAM shapes the "heart" of the model. Orients the body correctly in space during sleep. Gives the necessary orthopedic and supportive strength. The multicellularity of the nucleus makes it universally applicable to different weights or sleep patterns.

    Individuality and personal preference are enhanced by the technologically added LATEX LIKE and MEMORY FOAM in the contact area. The created asymmetrical uniqueness predisposes to search and find the perfect sleeping environment.

    The durable and comfortably soft LATEX LIKE FOAM distributes weight and caresses the senses. Completely replaces and eliminates the weaknesses of the known material LATEX. The ultra-dense thermoactive MEMORY FOAM is only modeled by the curves and body temperature. The sleeping environment, regardless of the preferred side of the mattress, is free of pressure, overstrain or insufficient support.

    The case is sewn with a layer of siliconized thermal fibers with selected elegant lines. Fashionable, predisposing to sleep visually sophisticated colors activate the senses, enhancing the performance of the core.

    With its cooling properties on the LATEX LIKE side, COOL FABRIC is conducive to warm summer nights. It is applicable for those looking for coolness in sleep. The constructive synthetic fibers with extremely high thermal conductivity create a feeling of pleasant cooling when touched.

    Soft and luxurious fabric MARGAN is quilted and used by the MEMORY FOAM country. In combination with the super fine and strong yarn they give us the necessary warmth and softness in winter.

    Textiles have hygienic and "breathable" properties. Together with the "open" structure of the layers in the core, only ventilation and deep cleaning contribute.

    Thanks to the qualities of the materials used, more than 30 cm in height, the performance characteristics and the functional advantages of the mattress, "KING LINE" is a natural, associative and only appropriate name for the model.

Delivery time - 3 to 10 business days.

Core HR high elastic foam
Height 30 cm
Degree of hardness Middle
Memory foam Yes
Built-in frame No
Warranty 20 years