Mattress KASPIA memory
Brands: Нани
Product Code: Каспиа мемори
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    The concept of SINGLE FACIAL MATTRESS is strictly individual and characteristic only for Bulgaria. However, at NANI we continue to develop solutions, relaxing on a mattress with a built-in "level" frame.

    At CASPIA MEMORY POCKET we have added to the strength of the built-in metal frame and the OSB board the orthopedic and multizonal nature of POCKET SPRING and the ergonomics of the temperature-affected MEMORY FOAM. The support is multi-zone and evenly distributes the weight of the body over the entire area. Provides lying comfort by perfectly maintaining the body in the shoulders, waist and pelvis. ADAPTIV textile adapts the surface temperature to the body and is the optimal solution for a single mattress.

    The balanced surface of the model is a great choice for double bedrooms. The comfortable multi-layering naturally affects the physical weight of the mattress, which makes it more difficult to apply to beds with a lifting mechanism. CASPIA MEMORY POCKET is for traditionalists with a flair for new technologies.

Delivery time - 3 to 10 business days.

Core Pocket Spring System
Height 24 cm
Degree of hardness Middle
Memory foam Yes
Built-in frame Yes
Warranty 5 years