Mattress ARUBA memory
Brands: Нани
Product Code: Аруба мемори
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    A model popular among people who are constantly looking for and experimenting on themselves. A wonderful combination of the two most common and popular sleep systems.

    The model combines the positive qualities of POCKET SPRING SYSTEM, POLYFLEX and MEMORY FOAM. The high-tech core guarantees maximum ergonomic effect. The materials have a microcellular open structure, providing perfect ventilation and depth. Case with optimized thermal effect, thanks to the high-quality ADAPTIVE textile and anti-allergic siliconized fibers in the quilting. Aruba MEMORY POCKET is a natural thermostat, constantly adapting to the heat, humidity and needs of the body.

Delivery time - 3 to 10 business days.

Core Pocket Spring System
Height 23 cm
Degree of hardness Middle
Memory foam Yes
Built-in frame No
Warranty 10 years