Mattress SIRENA ultraflex
Brands: Нани
Product Code: Ултрафлекс
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    The balanced firmness of the model is preferred when overweight or when it is recommended to use a firmer mattress.

    HIGH ELASTIC FOAM offers the necessary balanced orthopedics. For the absence of points with overvoltage, SUPER SOFT ELASTIC FOAM has been added in the area of ​​contact with the body. The structure of the core of "open" cells and 3D breathable tape creates an optimal system for maximum ventilation and ventilation of moisture and depth.

    SILVER ACTIVE PRO + ALOE VERA together with anti-allergic siliconized fibers in the quilting complete the removable case with a split zipper. SIRENA ULTRAFLEX is BEST SELLER among those looking for balanced orthopedics with an optimal ratio between price and quality.

Delivery time - 3 to 10 business days.

Core High elastic foam
Height 22 cm
Degree of hardness Middle
Memory foam No
Built-in frame No
Warranty 20 years