Mattress LAGO
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    Lago is a product of modern technological equipment. Registered as a Utility Model by the Patent Office.

    The alternation of silent shock absorbers from HIGH ELASTIC FOAM with variable diameter in height forms areas corresponding to the natural curves of the human body. Adds the required supporting force in height, depending on the weight of the recumbent in the complete absence of over-stressed contact points. The asymmetry of the line of the double-sided profile offers the possibility for a second choice of comfort when turning it. PENO ELASTIC for extra orthopedics and MEMORY FOAM for point elastic comfort complete the core, making it the optimal sleeping system, regardless of weight, height, age or way of sleeping. The soft and luxurious materials finishing the case radiate a vision worthy of a masterpiece in the furniture industry. MARGANE self-cleaning textiles, anti-allergic siliconized fibers, an open cell core and shaped channels from end to end create a system that is free of moisture and microorganisms.

Delivery time - 3 to 10 business days.

Core High elastic foam
Height 26 cm
Degree of hardness Middle
Memory foam Yes
Built-in frame No
Warranty 20 years