Brands: Руди Ан
Product Code: Аеро
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    The AERO sofa has an elegant look that makes it an interior accent of any space. The three-stage lifting mechanisms of the backrest cushions, the back stitching and the three-stage modern stretching mechanism make this upholstered furniture a favorite.

   The AERO sofa can triple its size quickly and extremely easily for you to lie down or sleep three times more comfortably. The huge and comfortable bedroom, which is converted, is suitable for both guests and daily use.

   In the extended position, the height of the bed is the same as that of the seat.

   The seat part of the sofa "AERO" is made of 13 cm. Two types of high-elastic foam HR 35 and HR 32, mounted on a frame of an array of zig-zag springs. The adjusting angle backrests are made of foam laid on an array of solid wood and plywood.

Production time - 40 working days.

Size 196/99/98 cm
Corps Pine, chipboard
Seat part High elastic foam, zig-zag springs
Sleep function Yes
Sleeping space 150/190 cm
Back cushions High elastic foam HR25
Decorative pillows No
Luggage chest No
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