Mattress AMETYST
Brands: Парадайс
Product Code: Аметист
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    The Ametyst model combines a unique look and a unique feeling of comfort. It contains a seven-zone Pocket System spring package of individually packaged and independent springs. The core has 7 comfort zones, arranged according to the specific pressure that different parts of the body exert on the surface of the mattress. This is one of the best systems tailored to the ergonomics of the human body, which will not lose its orthopedic qualities for years. Ametyst combines Memory foam on one side of the mattress, which is modeled according to body temperature, adapts to its position and helps to fully relax it. The elastic foam on the other side of the mattress precisely distributes the weight, ensuring the correct position of the spine. Choice of different feeling of softness and comfort on both sides of the mattress.

Delivery time - 3 to 10 business days.

Core 7 zone, Pocket System spring package
Height 24 cm
Degree of hardness Middle
Memory foam Yes
Built-in frame No
Warranty 16 years