Corner sofa Apolo
Brands: Руди Ан
Product Code: Аполо
Availability: Pre-Order


Selected, elegant design with elements of teaser, functionality and convenience - all combined in one furniture.

The APOLO corner sofa is made with a modern sleeping mechanism that allows daily use and comfortable sleeping like a normal mattress. A true bedroom and a modern corner sofa in one. The lifting mechanisms of the backrest, in three different positions, allow for additional comfort and relaxation. What makes the impression is the mounted mechanism for bottles and glasses in one armrest so your favorite drink is always at your fingertips. And for your comfort to be full, consider your glass of whiskey, which can stand on a neat wooden mat, a compliment to our client.

Production time - 40 working days.

Size 246/188/83cm
Corps Pine, chipboard
Seat part High elastic foam HR35 and HR32, zig-zag springs
Sleep function Yes
Sleeping space 197/164cm
Back cushions High elastic foam in shape
Decorative pillows No
Luggage chest Yes