1. General Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions constitute a legal agreement with a binding force between the STYLE Furniture Store (Shop) and the Users (You) in connection with the services provided by By reviewing the pages, clicking on the sites or links located on the pages of, you agree, accept and agree to abide by these Terms of Service. These General Terms and Conditions may be modified and updated unilaterally by ZARO 61 Ltd.. The changes will take effect immediately, and the store does not oblige users to notify users of any changes they make. is an e-commerce website and is managed by ZARO 61 Ltd., UIC: 202881183, with headquarters and business address Montana, Treti Mart 141, phone: +359 888 228 035, e-mail contact:, web:


2. For the confidentiality of your data

STYLE Furniture processes and takes measures to protect the personal data of the users according to the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act. Users agree that STYLE Furniture is entitled to process their personal data in connection with the use of the services of the website. In order to serve you and execute your orders, we need to accept the following data:

- name and surname

- Email

- a contact phone

- address for invoice and landing

- ZIP code

Later, you have the opportunity to correct this data from your personal profile.

The data we will receive when ordering, registering or viewing the pages will only be used for your service - accepting and executing orders, contacting you in the event of ordering issues and improving the service of STYLE Furniture. We guarantee that this data will not be provided in any form by third parties or used for purposes other than those described above. Your profile can be deleted from the STYLE Furniture system along with the data attached to it if you so desire. For more information on the Privacy Policy, please see HERE.

3. Order

The order process from the site is voluntary and free of charge. The website can be viewed by users freely without the need for registration. To make an order, you need to fill out a registration form. Fields that must be filled in are marked with an asterisk.

Upon successful completion of the order, a STYLE Furniture Officer will contact you on the contact phone provided, confirming that the item is available, and then send an email confirming that the order is confirmed. If the product is not available, the employee will inform you and specify whether the order will be denied or will be held until the item (s) purchased. If you cancel the order and you have paid the order in full or in part, you must provide a bank account or any other more convenient way to refund the amount you have paid.

By electronic order from the STYLE Furniture store you can only buy those goods that the system allows to be added to your shopping cart. All information about the products offered for sale through the electronic cigarette, including technical features, warranty conditions, usage patterns, etc. is provided by the manufacturer, respectively the importer of the relevant product, as STYLE Furniture does not bear any liability for false, incorrect or incorrectly presented information, false information provided in a misleading way, in case of discrepancy between the presented factual and actual situation, the difference the tones of the color of the photo material and the actual color of the product) as well as in case of printing errors.

4. Prices

All prices presented on the website are in Bulgarian Levs and are valid from the moment of their publication, Furniture STYLE reserves the right to change them at any time without notice. The stated prices for items on the website are final customers with VAT included, per unit, and the cost of transport costs is not included in the price.


5. Payment

Orders are paid at your option by one of the methods listed in the online store. When choosing a payment method other than cash, you agree to pay the price of your order in advance to the bank account we specify.

We offer the following payment methods:


• Payment on delivery: upon receipt of the order, you pay to the courier.

• Payment when you receive from our store: You pay at our store, upon receipt of the order.

• Payment by bank transfer to a specified bank account or credit card during the order process.

•        Leasing.

6. On-line payment purchase

Any user who wishes to purchase a merchandise on a pay-out should apply to the selected financial institution for a loan.

Only a user whose specific online order has a total price equal to or greater than BGN 150.00 is entitled to apply for a loan regardless of the number and unit sales price of the goods included in the order.

The application is made: online only, through the user's registered in the STYLE Furniture Shop by clicking on the Buy on Pay button and following the procedure.

Prior to applying to a financial institution for crediting, the client is required to check the availability of the desired product by calling 0878 22 80 35 (the price of the call is according to the client's tariff plan).

The specific conditions for applying and granting credit are determined unilaterally by the financial institution in accordance with its credit policy.

WARNING !!! For credit, including but not limited to: applying for a loan, besides these general terms and conditions, the conditions for applying for a credit unilaterally determined by financial institutions apply.

The user is notified by the financial institution in case the number of installments other than the desired number specified by the consumer is changed.

STYLE Furniture does not participate in any way in the credit of the purchase, as well as in any credit relationship, in the determination of the conditions for applying for a loan, the approval or refusal of crediting, the determination of the terms and the term of the loan the credit agreement, the taking of enforcement actions, etc. STYLE Furniture is not a representative and does not perform brokerage for the benefit of any commercial bank or financial institution.

The delivery of goods purchased on payment through the electronic commodity (s) is only made after STYLE Furniture has been informed by the financial institution that between the latter and the consumer, on paper, a contract has been signed with the subject of the full amount of the respective order. The maximum delivery time is 20 (twenty) business days for stock and 60 working days for stock not in stock and begins to run as soon as STYLE Furniture receives the notice under the previous sentence. Delivery is based on the data (first name, last name and PIN, delivery address - official or current address) specified by the client in the signed Credit Agreement. The receipt of the goods (s) shall be made personally by the person who has signed the credit agreement after having established his / her identity by presenting an identity document, signed and handwritten his / her own name and surname in the delivery note certifying the receipt of the goods or an authorized person.

What is stated in these General Terms in the section "Cancellation of a contract and reimbursement of the price paid" is also fully applicable in cases where the distance contract has as its object an online purchase of a payment, except that in the latter case the user must to make all claims for the refund of the price paid directly to the credit institution that has credited the online purchase subject to the denial, except for the prepayments paid by the consumer directly to STIL Furniture, which the trader shall be obliged to refund to the consumer by reimbursement in the manner in which they were received without undue delay: the amounts paid by bank transfer shall be returned to the customer's account, the amounts paid with the charge shall be returned in cash to the following address: Montana, 141 "Treti Mart" Blvd., personally to the Client (authentication by ID card) or to a person authorized to do so by presenting a notarized power of attorney in the original (the attorney's verification is done with an ID card).

7. Problems when executing an order

Although we strive to perform all orders accurately, performance of your order may be obstructed for any of the following reasons:

• We do our best to have stock availability and to update stocks in a timely manner, but some of the ordered products may not be available. In this case, we will contact you as soon as possible by phone or email;

• You have selected "Card payment" or "Bank transfer" but no payment has been made or there is a delay in payment.

• You have entered incorrect or incomplete delivery data - names, address, telephone, zip code.

In case of inconsistency between received and ordered products or inaccurate fault, we will bear the costs of subsequent return and replacement of non-compliant products. If you are not able to deliver the STIL Furniture (not at the specified address or do not respond to the supplier's calls), your order will be returned to us until we contact you.


8. Refusal of a contract and reimbursement of the price paid


You may return the purchased goods without cause for return within 14 days of the date of purchase / delivery under the following conditions:

• Pre-written information about STYLE Furniture, at email:, that on the grounds of Art. 55, para 1 of the PPA you give up the contract, indicating when the goods will be returned, but not later than 14 /fourteen/ days.

• The goods can only be returned to the following address: Montana, 77, Treti Mart Blvd. - Furniture Shop STYLE. The amount paid by the Customer is returned to the account from which the goods have been paid or in another convenient way, after a check-up and acceptance of the goods by STYLE Furniture. Goods will be accepted only if they have not already been installed or are missing traces of use and are in a non-disturbed trade condition.

• The goods are returned personally by the consumer (the buyer) or by a person authorized to do so by a letter of attorney signed by a notary at the above mentioned address.

• The original packaging of the product has not been damaged and the integrity of the stickers placed on it is not impaired.

• All transport and other costs of returning the goods are entirely at the expense of the consumer. Until the user returns the goods, the risk of accidental tampering is entirely borne by the user. In case a user takes advantage of his / her right under Art. 50 of the CPA, provided that the above conditions have been fulfilled, STYLE Furniture undertakes to refund the price paid by bank transfer or other convenient means within 14 (fourteen) days of the notification of withdrawal of the contract Article 50.

• Purchased items, such as bed linen, mattresses, duvets and blankets, plain or decorative pillows, are not subject to a hygienic return according to Article 57, point 5 of the CPA.

• For paid and performed services, the sums paid for them are not refunded.

9. Delivery

STYLE Furniture does not guarantee the availability of ordered items. If it is unable to fulfill its obligations due to the fact that it does not have the available goods for purchase, STYLE Furniture undertakes to notify the customer as soon as possible. For illiquid goods, STYLE Furniture indicates a delivery period with which the customer can agree or cancel the order. The stated period of STYLE Furniture is indicative rather than fixed.

In case the goods ordered by the client are available, STYLE Furniture should confirm the order made by phone or email. Delivery of this item occurs within 15 / fifteen / working days, except when the product is not available. The delivery period begins from the moment the goods are paid, except when the payment is made on a cash basis. In case the customer chooses a toll payment, the term starts running from the moment the order / order is confirmed.

The delivery is made by own transport of STYLE Furniture or through the services of courier / forwarding company / and is at the expense of the Client.

Delivery with own transport of STYLE Furniture is done only for the following district towns and their adjacent settlements: Montana, Vidin and Vratsa regions, the rest of the country is delivered by courier. The delivery to the city of Montana is free and is at the entrance to the block or gate of the house. For Montana, Vidin and Vratsa the delivery price is 1.00lv / km, being paid only in one direction.

Import / ascension of the purchased goods upon delivery is not the responsibility or obligation of STYLE Furniture or the Courier, but of the recipient of the Goods. At the customer's request, upon delivery with own transport of STYLE Furniture, there is an opportunity to make the goods / climb (s), but for a fee and at a pre-agreed price.

The goods are delivered properly packaged according to their type and shipping for delivery and the customer is obliged to open it and check with the supplier for possible damages.

In the case of an incomplete, incorrect or incorrect address and / or a telephone number when submitting a request, the same is considered invalid and no liability for its execution arises. In the event that Customer indicates as a form of payment - by bank transfer through a debit or credit card and does not make such payment, no obligation for delivery of the requested goods arises for STYLE Furniture. If the Customer fails to make a payment after indicating that the same will be done by means of a charge, the supplier does not incur the obligation to deliver the goods.

10. Claims

Upon receipt of the goods, the consumer is obliged to immediately examine it and in the event that he / she finds obvious defects, the lack of any accompanying accessories and / or any of the documents required by the Bulgarian legislation, immediately informs the person delivering the goods. If he fails to do so, the goods are deemed to be approved and the consumer loses the right later to claim that the product has been delivered with obvious defects, the lack of any of its accompanying accessories and / or any of the requirements of Bulgarian law documents. Returns of goods purchased through the online store are made in accordance with the CPA rules and according to the terms and conditions of their commercial warranty. Address for complaints: Montana, Treti Mart 141, e-mail:, Phone 0878 228 035 (the price of the call is according to the client's tariff plan).